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Over the years we have looked after a multitude of clients from all around the world. A great number of people were coming to Norfolk with plans to stay long-term.  Some came to complete university education and many others were here on short-term work contracts.  What they all had in common is the desire to simplify the transition in getting quality accommodation and or services.  Do get in touch and let us know how we can best be of help to you.

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Luxury does come at a cost


Heading to Norfolk: There are lots of reasons why many people are choosing to move or relocate to Norfolk.  Some come from outside of the UK to settle and start a new life. Many are brought in by their employers from as little as one month up to twelve-months work contracts.  People coming to appraise East Anglia as a possible home buyer, needing a larger home for quality living and more space to work from home.  

People contact us firstly for the local knowledge of the best cost-effective temporary furnished accommodation as a starting point. Thereafter once embedded in Norwich, discussions on whether to find a long-term rental property or a property to buy outright. Property maintenance and events and party planning for the must-get-right important events.

Many of our conversations start weeks before our clients have arrived in the city and we very much hope to get the opportunity to work with you. 



Buying or Rentals Long Term Accommodation

Arriving in Norwich we will have a furnished serviced apartment waiting for you.  As it is important you get to view potential properties for buying or long term renting

Short-Term Contractors Accommodation

For over five years we have been providing building contractors accommodations as well as corporate service lets for short stay guests. 

What can we provide for you?

Property Management

We have a number of properties that we totally manage leaving the owner to pursue other more important things in their lives. We ensure the total upkeep of the property and we also pay the rent in full each month.

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